DNS records

5 most popular DNS records

Here you have 5 most popular DNS records. You will find them on your first day of managing a DNS. Each of them is extremely important for the right functionality of the DNS. There are many more DNS record types, but those 5 essential DNS records are a good start for the first contact with […]

G Suite

5 Benefits of using G Suite for my business

Business owners know the importance of choosing the best tools to work and keeping quality communication with every team member.  To be connected from anywhere, with the right tools to handle urgent situations, it is vital to boost business productivity. What is G Suite (Google Workspace)? G Suite is the set of apps provided by […]

Managed DNS

5 reasons to use Managed DNS

Are you getting too tired of seeing how slow your site loads? We bet you have found Managed DNS as a solution to speed up your website’s performance. But it is far more than just a speed booster. Let’s see the top 5 reasons to use Managed DNS.  Multiple points of presence (PoP) 5, 10, […]

SSL certificate - 5 reasons to use it 

SSL certificate – 5 reasons to use it 

The security is, and it will be a constant concern for everybody, website owners, and users. Cybercriminals don’t stop hacking, so we can’t quit protecting our sites. Every upgrade or new development related to boosting security online is worthy of trying.  What is an SSL certificate? SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a cryptographic protocol […]

Host website locally

How to host a website locally?

Many articles are comparing different web hosting types like shared hosting vs cloud hosting or cloud vs dedicated, but it is rare to see local hosting. Can you host your website locally? Yes, you can host your site on a local computer and make it available online or use it for testing.  Why host a […]

GeoDNS explained

GeoDNS explained 

Every time users request a website, and it takes a long time to be loaded, they leave! Website owners know that it could be that the server is busy or the server is located too far from the user. But users do not care and just abandon the site and maybe never comes back. That’s […]

DNS load balancing

DNS load balancing

Now we are going to explore something that a few people know – DNS load balancing.  You have probably heard about cache plugins and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Now we are going to talk about another network element that increases the speed by managing the DNS requests faster than a single server. It will boast […]

How to create a CDN?

How to create a CDN? 

Speed, speed, speed! We all want our sites and applications to load as fast as possible. Each moment of delay might make your visitors go away. So one of the most common approaches to increase the speed of a website is to use a Content delivery network (CDN). But how to create a CDN?  What […]

WordPress caching plugins

5 Best WordPress caching plugins

Is your WordPress website experiencing a slow performance? It can be due to poor hosting service, but also, every new addition to make your site more attractive (images, content, etc.), and the traffic growth can slow it down.  Slow loading directly affects users’ experience and search engine position, so speeding the site is critical. WordPress caching […]