Month: January 2021

DNS load balancing

DNS load balancing

Now we are going to explore something that a few people know – DNS load balancing.  You have probably heard about cache plugins and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Now we are going to talk about another network element that increases the speed by managing the DNS requests faster than a single server. It will boast […]

How to create a CDN?

How to create a CDN? 

Speed, speed, speed! We all want our sites and applications to load as fast as possible. Each moment of delay might make your visitors go away. So one of the most common approaches to increase the speed of a website is to use a Content delivery network (CDN). But how to create a CDN?  What […]

WordPress caching plugins

5 Best WordPress caching plugins

Is your WordPress website experiencing a slow performance? It can be due to poor hosting service, but also, every new addition to make your site more attractive (images, content, etc.), and the traffic growth can slow it down.  Slow loading directly affects users’ experience and search engine position, so speeding the site is critical. WordPress caching […]

E-commerce hosting providers

5 Best E-commerce hosting providers

So, have you decided to jump on the e-Commerce wave?  To start well, you need to build a reliable and fast loading e-shop. And that’s directly connected with having an efficient, fast, and secure hosting provider. There are many! Check until you find the one that best fits your business objectives. Consider e-Commerce websites demand […]