2 main reasons to use rDNS

What is rDNS?

The rDNS, also known as reverse DNS, is the DNS lookup using an IP address and searching for its corresponding domain name. It is simply the opposite of the normal forward DNS lookup, where the goal is to find the associated IP address of a domain name.

It is common for Managed DNS providers to supply the rDNS service. When you decide to get it, you are going to have the opportunity to make a reverse Master zone. Next, by creating PTR records in this zone, you are able to verify the accurate equivalent linking IP addresses and their hostnames. PTR records act as a piece of evidence when you have to prove the IP address actually belongs to the domain name. That way, you are making sure to avoid fraud. In addition, rDNS is able to operate with IPv4 addresses and with the newer IPv6 addresses.

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