5 Benefits of using G Suite for my business

Business owners know the importance of choosing the best tools to work and keeping quality communication with every team member. 

To be connected from anywhere, with the right tools to handle urgent situations, it is vital to boost business productivity.

What is G Suite (Google Workspace)?

G Suite is the set of apps provided by Google for businesses to manage their daily tasks and improve their productivity.

Originally known as Google Apps, it was released in 2006. Ten years later, it was rebranded as G Suite. 

All your information is directly saved in Google data centers. Google backs it up in other data centers for security. 

What does G Suite include?

As a reference, here you have some features of the Starter Business plan. 

  • Cloud-based, no installation required.
  • Secure and custom business email.
  • 30GB cloud storage per user.
  • 100 participant video meetings.
  • Advanced security and admin features.
  • Standard support.
  • Free 14-day trial.

Add-ons and three different plans are available: Starter, Standard, and Plus. Rates are charged monthly and calculated per user. They go as follows $6, $12 to $18. There is an enterprise choice for custom solutions, but you need to contact Google for more details. 

Benefits of G Suite

If you still wonder why to use the G Suite, check these benefits out. 

Lots of handy tools to work all together

Buying one package, you get a bunch of tools to share with your team, such as emails, contact management, chat, video communication, cloud storage, docs, slides, sheets, calendar, and more. All these apps come with useful collaboration built-in features. 

For billing, doubts, extra services, or troubles, you just have to deal with one provider and not with many.

And since G Suite is a cloud-based service, no matter people’s location or schedule, they can access the different apps at any time.

Productive collaboration for the team

Daily, people need to get updates from colleagues, have meetings, and make presentations with everybody’s information. All the tools to make this collaboration efficient are in G Suite. People can communicate internally, and all of them can work simultaneously in the same presentation, reading what others write, and receiving comments about the task. 

Most of the G Suite apps can be sync for offline use. 

No more worries about space

Secure space to storage is a big concern for all businesses, especially those with high demand for this resource like video, CAD, gaming, or e-commerce.

G Suite apps use Google Drive cloud storage. The Starter plan gives 30 GB storage per user, and it increases to 2 TB, 5 TB, or unlimited space if you get the Enterprise plan

Work in a secure environment

The G Suite supplies businesses with a secure workspace. It protects your data through different technologies and policies.

  • Email service works with encryption in transit (TLS). 
  • Every administrator controls the security settings. From controlling mobile devices, adding or deleting users, forbidding using less secure apps, etc.
  • 2-step verification feature ensures every device connected to your network has been appropriately verified via phone.
  • Your data is not collected for advertising. The services included in the suite are free of ads. 
  • The suite retains, archives, searches, and exports business data.
  • As we initially mentioned, your data is saved in Google data centers and backup.

Easy to use apps for your team

Apps included in the G Suite are intuitive. They have a friendly user interface, clearly organized options, and are very well known by most people. Rarely you need to train your team for managing them. And if you need to, it will be easy and fast. 


Are you still not sure about getting G Suite benefits for your business? Don’t get stressed and use the free trial!

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