5 reasons to use Managed DNS

Are you getting too tired of seeing how slow your site loads? We bet you have found Managed DNS as a solution to speed up your website’s performance. But it is far more than just a speed booster. Let’s see the top 5 reasons to use Managed DNS. 

Multiple points of presence (PoP)

5, 10, 20, or even more! You can have PoPs in different countries and continents that contain DNS records. A user from a place far away from your Primary server will still get its query resolved incredibly fast. Without Managed DNS, the query will travel a long time until it gets answered. Set up PoPs in all the important locations for your business. Most companies offer plans with the most connected spots in North America, Europe, and Asia, and there are others with locations on all of the continents. 

Better uptime (availability)

So let’s say you have 10 PoPs. There is a problem, a massive one, that brings 5 of them down. What do you think will happen? Your site or application will continue to function! One of the rest of the DNS servers will step up until all of them are back. Your users could experience a slightly slower experience, but you will stay online. Better availability is crucial for every e-commerce business now. 

You can set it up with a load balancing method and even make it automatic, so you don’t need to worry at all. 


You can start small, but if your site is getting more popular, you can expand your service. You can add more features to make it faster, more secure, or failed-proofed. 

In some cases, when you are starting, you can satisfy your needs with a simple free plan. When the revenues and traffic go up, you can simply upgrade with a few clicks. Or you can plan a promotion campaign and upscale for a short period.

In the worst-case scenario that your business is struggling for a while, you can downscale. That way, you can lower your expenses and still stay operating. 

Better cost

Can you create your own DNS? Yes, but this will be extremely expensive. Imagine searching all around the world and making local deals for servers. Negotiating prices with local Internet providers. In the end, you will get extremely tired, and you will pay many times more. 

With a Managed DNS service, you don’t worry about hardware, and your concern is just to manage it properly. 


DDoS attacks from everywhere and pointing at everybody. This is the world that we are living in. With a Managed DNS, you could benefit from balancing the load between all the available DNS servers. That way, you can resist a certain level of bad traffic towards your site. Everybody has a limit, but if you want to increase your chances, you will need more servers and some of them to be DNS protected servers. That means that they can analyze the traffic and spot suspicious activities. They can then take further action to protect your DNS. There are different failovers to automate actions and keep your site up, by discarding packets, banning IP addresses, or redirecting the traffic. 


So, did you get convinced by the utility of Managed DNS already? Yes, there are many benefits to use it. 

Now the question is, which Managed DNS service provider should you choose. There are many good and well-priced DNS service providers. We will leave this decision up to you. Only you can best know your needs and budget.

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